Spring Clothing Give-Away

Started several years ago as a community outreach, this event has become a favorite in the area!

This is your chance to refresh your spring/summer wardrobe for nothing! All clothing is clean, sorted and ready for you to look at, there is no charge for anything, not even the food that is served that day.  So, if you need to clothe your family for summer,  why not start here? 

If you're looking to donate good clean, well-maintained spring/summer clothing for this give-away, the church will accept donations during office hours (Tuesday-Friday 8am-4pm) from April 8th to 18th.  It's time to declutter those closets and be a blessing to others.

(Lately we seem to run low on children's clothing donations: if you've got some in good repair, we'd just love to have it.) 



April 21st, 2018


8 am to 12 Noon