Covid-19 Coronovirus Response

Updated 3/25/2020  11:40am

COVID-19 Response Update

As you know the response to the Covid-19 virus in our area continues to be a day to day evolving situation.  While the current risk in our area remains very low our leadership team has decided that it is prudent for us to move to Phase 3 of our Covid 19 Response Plan.  This plan will be in effect until April 6th at which time we will re-evaluate the situation.  This means:

  • Small Group Meetings – All in-person small groups are cancelled until at least April 6th.  We are moving as many of these groups to a Web based format as possible as quickly as possible.  Watch for details.

  • Live Streamed Adult Sunday School – Dave Rising, Wyatt Timmins, and Pastor Matt all will be holding their regular classes this Sunday by WebEx a web based meeting platform.  Details will be sent on how you can join these groups.

  • Online Giving – Please remember the church during this time of closure when financial needs continue.  You can give online here on the website by clicking the "online giving" button at the top of the page or by regular mail.  Thanks for thinking of us.

  • Social Distancing – We are encouraging all of our members to practice social distancing as prescribed by the CDC to protect not just yourself but others who are most vulnerable.  The lower we can keep instances in our community the sooner we can be back together.

  • Church Building – Our doors remain open but we ask our members not to make social visits so that our staff exposure is limited to ministry opportunities, counseling and other important community activities.  If you need help in any way physical, spiritual, or emotional don’t hesitate to call or stop by.  We are here for you!

  • Social Interaction – We are recommending that you use all available means to stay connected during this time.  Call people you know, check on them, pray together on the phone or by video call.  Please if you know someone who needs help call the church office. We have volunteers standing by to help.


Live Stream Access: 

  • click “live stream” button at the top of the page.  If you need help please call the office and Pastor Matt can help you get set up.

  • Go to our Facebook Page

  • Go to and search for Hughesville Friends Church


Online Giving Access: click “online giving” button at the top of the page.


More Covid Info Access: and click the “covid response” button.



Updated 3/19/2020 2:36pm

Covid-19 Response Update


As you know the response to the Covid-19 virus in our area continues to be a day to day evolving situation.  After long conversations with the Leadership team we have decided it is prudent and in the best interest both of our congregation and the community we serve that we move to phase two of our action plan.  This means:

  • Closure of our live campus and going to a fully Live Streamed* Service this Sunday.  We encourage you to watch from home with your family or a small group of friends.  Worship with us (our live praise team will still be here) and learn together from the text.  This week Pastor Dan will begin a short 4 week series leading up to Easter Sunday called Prayers of the Cross.

  • Live Streamed Adult Sunday School – Pastor Dan is working to provide a live streamed* Sunday School class for this Sunday on our Facebook/youtube page

  • Small groups will continue to meet for the time being using precautions (hand sanitizer, social spacing, small groups under 10).

  • Giving – please remember the church during this time and help us stay financially viable.  Online giving can be accessed easily from the buton above, send in via mail, or drop by and see us in person.


Live Stream Access:  from this webpage click “live stream” button at the top of the page.  If you need help please call the office and Pastor Matt can help you get set up.


Online Giving Access: from this webpage and click “online giving” button at the top of the page.


Updated 3/18/2020

Our Elder Board met last night and has approved a phased response plan that is now being implemented.  We are working hard to comply voluntarily with Governor Wolfe’s recommendations while recognizing our role as providers of essential services.  As we have seen in every crisis (floods, school emergency planning, and now pandemics) the church acts in the role of emotional, spiritual, and physical first responders.  Every day we stand alongside fire, police and medical personnel to provide guidance, comfort, services and support to families in crisis moments.  We are balancing that first responder role with our responsibility to guard and protect the safety of the most vulnerable among us.  Even if you are healthy and at low risk, remember that if you are exposed you may transmit the virus to someone who is vulnerable.  This is another reason to practice social distancing and other precautions.

Our highlights of the phased plan are detailed below.  Please watch for updates as our response is likely to change day to day. 

Phase One – We are currently implementing this phase.

  • Day School closed (will follow Public School actions)

  • Friends Feeding Friends (new distribution methods)

  • Senior Dinners Cancelled till further notice

  • Extra-curricular (non-ministry) activities are being cancelled

  • Begin shifting to live stream as a primary delivery mechanism to protect those at highest risk.  Help those in need to connect.

  • Leaning into our bible study and small group formats

  • Reinforcing our Virtual Campus

  • Physical precautions on church campus

  • Reinforcing online and mail based giving


Phase Two - 

  • Closure of Sunday morning Service gathering

  • Live Stream will continue

  • Focus on small group meetings and limiting exposure (less than 10 people)

  • Encouraging the development of small groups and online groups (service watch groups, bible studies, and service groups)


Phase Three

  • Cancellation of all small and large group gatherings

  • Continue live stream church services

  • Begin small group web based meetings during the week

  • PD will produce live and taped bible studies for families

  • Leadership will maintain a strong presence

  • Focus on small group service projects to help those affected in our community

  • Development of an emergency service center of volunteers and staff to meet community needs.


We are currently in phase one implementation and will likely be in phase two by this weekend depending on developments this week.  We will communicate next steps as soon as decisions are made.

God is with us in this so don’t waste this moment - be the light of Jesus to the world around you.

Pastor Dan

Updated 3/16/2020  - 12:00pm

At the time of this writing no cases have been reported in Lycoming County or adjacent counties but there is reasonable expectation that this will change quickly over the coming days.  As conditions change we will make changes as well.  At present we are continuing our worship service as scheduled and all of our small groups (with the exception of those listed below).  We encourage you to use good hand hygiene (washing) practices and to limit physical contact at these meetings. 


Currently the following steps have been taken:

  • Day School has been closed and will follow the Public Schools schedule

  • Friends Feeding Friends – change in distribution to limit group exposure

  • Senior Dinner Cancelled for March

  • Hand Sanitizer placed at all major entrances with alert sign

  • We request that anyone who is sick or has a sick family member stay home and join us by live stream.  If there are needs (groceries, sundries, help) we can help with call the church office. 

  • Use Live Stream to join us if you cannot come to service. (Go to our web page and click the Live Stream Button at the top of the page)

  • Request that people limit physical contact (no hand shaking etc.)


I would remind you all that in times like this our attendance goes down and offerings go down as well but expenses do not change.  To help us remain financially viable during times of crisis please consider either giving by mail or online giving to help.  You can access online giving from our website

This page details our ongoing response to developments surrounding the Covid-19 virus in our community.  The links below will take you to appropriate resources for information, safety and response.


As of the time of this post no cases have been reported in Lycoming Co. or adjacent counties but there is reasonable expectation that this will change quickly over the coming days. 

If the virus spreads to our area we are prepared to take all necessary steps to protect our congregation and our community. 


In the mean time we are suggesting these responsible precautions:

  • If you are one of those who are at high risk we encourage you to join us on Sunday mornings by live stream rather than in person.  If you need help connecting, call the office and we will do all we can to make this available to you.  If you have an internet connection it’s very easy.  There is a link on the home page that will take you to the live stream each Sunday morning.

  • If you or your children are feeling sick or running a fever please stay home, take care of yourself and protect others by joining us by live stream.

  • Pastor Dan will not be greeting people at the rear doors after service for the next several weeks. 

  • Please remember that as attendance and giving drop our expenses remain the same - consider online giving or giving by mail to sustain our missional efforts to reach our community.

  • We suggest you use reasonable precautions and hand washing techniques before and after service once again to minimize risk.